Andrew Blatt and Joshua Tillett 2007

Circa 2007

Andrew Blatt and Joshua Tillett met while working at a local commercial truck dealership in Harrisburg, PA. They both had dreams of owning a business, and in early winter 2006, presented a business plan to a local bank that financed the start of Blatt & Tillett Truck & Trailer Repair.

The company opened for business in April 2007 and operates under this mission statement:

Blatt & Tillett Truck & Trailer Repair is committed to serving our customers, community and industry with the highest level of professional service possible through hard work, strong values, dedication and loyalty to those we serve. We are family owned and operated and conduct our business with a family-oriented mindset in the way we deal with our customers, vendors and employees.

Front of Shop
Blatt & Tillett specializes in heavy-duty towing and recovery services along with fleet repair and service, freight handling and spill clean-up. We’ve built our reputation on providing fast, reliable service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers count on us to get them back on the road safely and efficiently.